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A world which is ever changing demands the latest digital services to stay connected. Today the brand world is becoming more and more a technology-driven ecosystem. And what can keep pace with the changing attitudes of consumers and the volatility of the market? It is only a world which is more active digitally, where the network of connectivity is up to date, smoother and faster.

Digital Strategies in Branding
Digital brand consultants understand the importance of enabling and enhancing the share worthiness of branded content because customers are looking out for meaningful brand stories. Instant satisfaction is something which fuels consumers on social media and otherwise. Brands need to have a visually and conceptually appealing website which is strategically made. That is often the first point of contact of the consumer with the brand. Equally important is to have an online marketplace, an active social media page and the like. The agency The Minimalist is today known mainly for the way it maintains social and web content, being creative and quirky. Everyone is seeking to engage with the brand as if it's a person, having a consistent and identifiable digital personality.

Branded Content and Ideation
As digital strategists we understand that to meet business needs there has to be an in-depth understanding of the digital world. We deliver creative solutions, keeping in mind how they would relate it on online platforms, be it the website or social media.

Website and UI- UX Design
A website is often the fundamental impression management platform. Gone are the days when a simple company profile or brochure used to be what the website was about. Websites, today, are looked upon as key engagement tools of the brands to their customers. Customers often depend solely on websites and social media for product specifications as well as brand related enquiries. If it's an e-commerce website the online platform is also a direct source of revenue for the organization. Websites also need to be more mobile friendly as for a quick browse customers depend on smaller screens. At Image India we offer designs which ensure effective navigation and the best user experience for customers. The latest front-end and back-end development platform and languages are used to develop your corporate websites or even microsites. When brand architecture comes in place, and sub-brands or endorsed ones require different sites, we work on not only taking a strategic call but also playing it out through the execution in developing different brand languages for each, at a digital level.


Search Engine Optimization & Website Analytics
The key to SEO lies in zeroing in on the right target market through geographical, linguistic and other stratified filters and then looking up the keywords these consumers search for. This is to be constantly evaluated through Google and other SEO tools. Digital strategies are to be provided on how the brand can climb right at the top of the ladder in the web world.
Analyzing website traffic is a strategic tool for understanding the behaviour of your web visitors. Google Analytics can be effectively used to track website traffic, furthering your knowledge about what kind of visitors frequent your website, how much time do they spend their, what they look at etc. There is a lot of information, which if analyzed correctly, would lead to building a potently strong digital strategy ensuring increasing engagement, higher click rates and conversion rates for the brand.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Social Media Marketing
We have often taken over the complete responsibility of some of our client's social media channels. 
Our understanding of search engines along with website traffic, helps us to provide comprehensive SEM solutions to clients, coupled with sound keyword generation that streamlines content structure and drives relevant traffic to the online presence the company has built.

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