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At Image India, there is a holistic approach towards branding. As a brand positioning agency, we believe in diving deep and researching on all the 3 C's required for developing an effective brand positioning statement. The 3 C's entail your customer, channel and your competition. The channel is the primary venue of interaction with your possible consumer and competition so it helps in understanding the market and building the ideal buyer profile.
The positioning strategy adopted will always be in a context of the category the business operates in. All the marketing material of your competition is looked into. A positioning statement can often appear in a prominent place on the homepage of a website, in a print media, electronic and outdoor. Mapping down the distinctness of each of your.



Creativity is in the eye of the beholder. Advertising that works with one audience might score a zero with another. What really counts is that your target market connects with your message. We are here to build brands and grow companies. Our mission is to grow together, to built creditability and nurture their brands with well crafted marketing communications. In our work we are brutally honest and pragmatic. Our passion at Image India is to merge the latest techniques, innovations in Promotions with strategic thinking and highly creative executions.

Digital Marketing


Are your services & products easily reaching to genuine customers?  Do your brand connect and inspire action in a meaningful way?  If it’s a ‘NO’, then you’re lacking to seek the complete potential of your brand.

Let’s face it, today’s online market is quite competitive than ever. And to stand widely within this competition, you need to understand your customer’s journey from awareness to consideration to purchase. Being a full-service digital marketing company, we will help your brand become known as “the best answer” wherever prospects and customers may be looking and that will drive value to your business. 

Also, we co-create and test digital innovations so your brand and your people remain relevant for the future.



When it comes to getting noticed online, the content of your brand speaks volumes. 

There are multiple ways to spread your message through content marketing – from creative words on the page describing your services to industry -leading blog posts and promotional graphics, all these are used to attract your audience.

We make sure that the content written by us aligns with your expectation.

Here content marketing strategy is crafted from scratch, backed by previous performance metrics, competitor analyses, and future goals. Marketing, at its core, is irrelevant without content. That’s why each asset serves a specific purpose within the larger scheme of the content marketing campaigns.


Image India is a Digital film making and video production company in India specializing in the production of imagery for broadcast, interactive and immersive media. We create engaging videos. From explainer videos to corporate films to advertising films, from script to screen we do it all!

Our expertise and passion for story-telling and content creation empowers agencies and brands to engage audiences.

We provide a suite of services encompassing all aspects of video production, photography, animation and visual effects. Our team’s collective experience has powered some of the top campaigns for globally reputed brands and agencies. We are fun to work with and easy to talk to. We work closely with clients during projects and focus on building long-term relationships that transcend project time frames. We are one of the best company for video production in India.



We are leading Event Service provider in India. We take care of all requirements to make an event successful & memorable. We provide services for National/International Conferences / Conventions / Symposium, Corporate Events, Wedding and personal events.  We  are  a  team  of  young  and creative people who keeps on updating about new trends and try to give an x-factor in our every event.

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